Welcome Friends…


We the Year 4 team at SGJ would like to welcome our friends from the Year 3 SGJ and congratulate them for the launching of their blog, puisikelastiga.wordpress.com, to the blogger community. We hope that together we can contribute to the advancement of the education in Indonesia.

In puisikelastiga.wordpress.com you can find samples of the year 3 students poems that they created during English and Bahasa Indonesia lesson. The topics of the poems are diversified, starting from about the teachers, the sun, socks, and even lip gloss(!!). The poems are written using simple language (whether it’s in English or Bahasa) so it’s not difficult for most people to understand the poems.

SO………whether you’re looking for samples of poems created by year 3 students or you just looking for a laugh, please don’t be hesitate to drop by to the year 3 blog, OK???


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