Students and electronic games

Since I was in junior high school I love playing games on computer. Back then I can sit for hours just playing games such as digger, pacman, etc. Nowadays when I have a spare time (IF I have one that is….Hiks3X) I enjoy playing zuma, feeding frenzy or diner dash. But I think I was fortunate enough that I grew up in a time when electronic games were not as addictive as today’s games. Why do I say that….??? Well…it’s because back then, before I was introduced to electronic games, I already learned how much fun you could get when you play soccer for hours with your friends in the pouring rain, play “galasin” or “cak benteng” at school during break time, or simply riding our bicycles around our neighborhood in the afternoon. I also learned the beautiful worlds created by wonderful writers such as Enid Blyton (hidup Lima Sekawan!!), Roald Dahl (remember Charlie….???), or Hans Christian Andersen. How about you? Do you remember the kind of games you like to play or books you like to read when you were young? (geezz….suddenly I feel old…) Compared to today’s electronic games, which could be so interesting that you could play for hours without realizing it, these things might not be so interesting in the eyes of our students. But, believe it or not, these things play important roles in making the person I am today (confused??….me too!!….just kidding…..he3X) How you ask?…….well……from books I learned to use my imagination by visualizing the story that I read in my head. By doing so I nurtured and sharpened my visual/spatial ability to match my logical ability and expanding my vocabulary at the same time. From playing soccer, galasin, cak benteng, and cycling I learned about bravery, honesty, cooperation, empathy, friendship, and how to interact with others. These are the things that set these simple games apart from today’s electronic games. Of course you can argue that not all electronic games are that bad. Electronic games can help players train their motorics and eyes coordination. And I know (believe me…I do. I have played enough electronic games) that some games also teach the players values such as bravery, cooperation, and friendship. But how about interact with others??? Do you think electronic games can teach you that?? Do you think interaction with characters in games is the same with interaction with human being? The answer is absolutely NO!! When “speaking” with characters in games usually you simply answers “yes” or “no” Now answer this question, can you interact with other people just using “yes” or “no” for an answer? No, that’s how a machine answers questions, simple and cold, without feelings. You can try, but I don’t think you will have many friends.  Having considered that, I think it’s our job as a teacher to remind our students that spending too much time playing electronic games is not good. Remember what doctor say that something that’s too much is never good. We can also encourage our students to read more by providing them with plenty of good books in the classroom for the students to read and play with their friends instead playing on-line games or surfing the internet. Remember that for most people childhood is the part where they have many best moments in their lives and our students will miss the chance to have exactly that if they just play electronic games all the time!!!


2 Tanggapan

  1. hi….baru berkunjung atas rekomendasi dari Agus Sampurno. Nicely done..
    Semoga di-update secara teratur yah….

    Ps : I remembered an ironic sentence from Van Diesel in the “Triple X” Movie. He said that nintendo and other electronic games is “the only education we got”. Hmm… a sad reality from the Platinum Generation.

  2. Lima sekawan, tentu :). Sapta siaga, tintin, agatha
    cristie, and so on. Games? Hm, digger, maybe? -;)

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